G.O.A.L.S offers a comprehensive 12-week & a comprehensive two 14-weeks per year intensive program where girls learn about various critical life skills and subjects, including:

Fashion Show Project:

At the culmination of the 12-week program, the participants will organize and execute a fashion show for their community. This hands-on project allows them to apply what they’ve learned and gain experience in event planning and management. The girls will be responsible for various aspects of the fashion show, including:


Deciding the overall theme of the show.


Managing the financial aspects of the event.


Selecting and securing the location.

Date & Time

Scheduling the event.

Lighting, Music, Decor

Designing the ambiance of the show.

Producer & Backstage Manager

Overseeing the production and backstage activities.

Designers & Boutiques

Collaborating with fashion designers and boutiques.

Program Writing & Design

Creating the show’s program.


Recruiting and selecting models for the show.

Photography & Videography

 Arranging for the event to be photographed and filmed.

Hair & Makeup Design

Participating in or enlisting experts for hair and makeup.

Running the Show

Managing the event on the day.


Organizing and conducting rehearsals to ensure the show runs smoothly.

This project not only enhances their practical skills but also builds their confidence and sense of accomplishment.

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